We are SASSY women who work hard and play hard.

SASSY stands for Smart, Assertive, Strategic, Selfless and Young-at-heart.

We are women who want it all!

We are heart-centered, spirited and fun-loving women.

Our strength is like a suit of armor.

We put on our lipstick attitude no matter what!

We wear our stilettos on our feet or in our hearts.

We are visionaries and creators.

We are effective leaders and humble followers.

We are game-changers.

We are doctors, poets, CEOs and teachers –

Entrepreneurs, lawyers and motivational speakers.

From one profession to another,

We are proud to be moms, wives and daughters,

Sisters, friends and lovers.

We are human rights advocates, veterans and peacemakers.

Philanthropic to the core.

We are courageous and fearless dream chasers.

Wise women for sure!

We come in different ages, shapes, shades and sizes.

But there’s one thing that always unites us:

We are women who support other women.

Sisterhood at its best!

Yes, we are SASSY indeed,

But the kind of SAS that most admire and long to be!


I am
and Lipstick.