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“For the past two years, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick Conference but I had no idea of the truly spiritual experience in store for me. Not only did I have the pleasure of attending the conference, but I was also one among a group of outstanding South Florida professionals to be honored with the International Women’s Leadership Award. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve on a panel with my fellow honorees and share our experiences. The speakers were extraordinary women with important messages to share and the men panel was very entertaining and enlightening. The highlight for me, however, was Dr. King’s motivational speech about happiness. Her powerful message uplifted my spirit and will stay with me for years to come. Thank you Dr. King for your strength, love and inspiration!”

Nelly Rubio
Director of Community Relations

It’s ‪#‎ToastToYouTuesday the day when I’ve decided to toast some folks who inspire me!! Up first DrElizabeth King! Dr. King, the Suits, Stilettos & Lipstick conference blew me away! Not only were speakers dynamic, diverse and awesome, your intention to just lift women up was felt in every interaction and every detail!! So thankful God saved you for this purpose!! Wow!!

Tonya Seavers Evans

“I want to say that I love this organization and that it makes a big difference in my life. I feel like I fit in and most of my life I have never felt like I fit in.  We all come for different reasons but no matter what, there is always a place for everyone at SSL.   There is no judgement, just support.  There are not many places that you can go and be yourself. “

Erica WhittlerDivorce Attorney

“After years of “women’s networking events” where you go home with a handful of business cards but don’t know the people behind them any better than you did before, this is an organization that gets it! Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick supports and values each individual for who and what they are. When you build relationships based on the inner-self and develop personal relationships, networking happens naturally. Join the movement! ‪#‎sassylife‬ ‪#‎sassypeace‬‪#‎sassyrevolution

Anne Lawrence SalleeExecutive Director Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

I am in love with SSL!!! My heels are part of my soul (I wear flats). Being in the company of great WOMEN was truly inspiring and so re-energizing. My soul was 4” taller when I left the conference. Thank you Dr. King for the gift of the scholarship. I am grateful.

– From 2015 conference Surveys

Tabby QuintanaSystemic You

You bring a lot of joy, empowerment and sisterhood in a very glamorous environment. You attract fab women!

– From 2015 Conference Surveys

Meg DombeckConnect-the-Dots

You are all amazing! So much empowerment, encouragement, knowledge and sisterhood.

– From 2015 Conference Surveys

Shirley Jones Services Director
Professional Translator
Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care

SSL has literally uplifted me as woman by helping me to relate to my inner being.

– From 2015 Conference Surveys

Sheila BartonDirector of Housekeeping
The Atlantic Hotel and Spa

Wonderful day of networking with positive woman.

– From 2015 Conference Surveys


I just wanted to congratulate you and your wonderful team, Elizabeth! The vibration was so inspiring, so supportive, so uplifting, I was very glad to be a part of it! Keep up the great work!

– Facebook Post

Hepsharat Amadi

To all, they say it takes a village to raise a child but…….it also takes a village of go getters to put together a FABULOUS SASSY CONFERENCE.

– Facebook Post

Ilene Cooper Skula

Thank you Dr. King and to the entire team and all the speakers and sponsors and vendors who made this day possible for us! The day was filled with authenticity, useful information. And most of all Love!

– Facebook Post

Dr Paula Goodman-Liebeskind

It was a fantastic event. I learned, made new connections, danced, broke bread with new ladies, took pics, laughed, teared up and sooooo much more. So thank you thank you DrElizabeth King and the entire crew for such an organized event.

– Facebook Post

Tabby Virginia Quintana

Thank you Dr Elizabeth King for an incredible experience. The day was so inspirational. I am honored to have been selected to be part of such an amazing day among so many fabulous women. You are truly such an inspiration and one of the most authentic ladies I have come to know. I just love hearing you speak…it’s from your soul.
Thank you for my membership, I will enjoy my time with your organization and continue to personally grow and inspire others.
A special thank you to the entire SSL team and all those that worked so hard behind the scene to make this happen! Forever #sslallin

– Facebook Post

Tiffany Addison Panciera

It was AWESOME. THANKS to you and your team. Your EXCELLENT EFFORTS PAID OFF. #sslallin

– Facebook Post

Lisa Pratt Rosenau

Thank you for an amazing event!!!! It gets better every year.

– Facebook Post

Grace Bosco

An amazing event with the most incredible men and women. Can’t stop talking about it to everyone I know. You definitely had to be there! Love, Love, Loved it! Thank you Dr. King and Yvonne for making it happen.

– Facebook Post


Heidi Dennis

It’s ‪#‎ToastToYouTuesday the day when I’ve decided to toast some folks who inspire me!! Up first DrElizabeth King! Dr. King, the Suits, Stilettos & Lipstick conference blew me away! Not only were speakers dynamic, diverse and awesome, your intention to just lift women up was felt in every interaction and every detail!! So thankful God saved you for this purpose!! Wow!!

– Facebook Post

Thanks again for an amazing event!! I’m so glad I was part of it #sassylife #sslallin

– Facebook Post

Rosa E Henriquez

An end to an inspiring conference!

– Facebook Post

Raj Anderson

It was phenomenal. Thanks for inviting me to speak. It was an honor to share the stage with you and meet your sassy beauties.

– Facebook Post

Deborah Deras

So happy to be a part of yesterday! It was an amazing and wonderful day!!

– Facebook Post


Alyssa Simner Lovitt

Absolutely fabulous event

– Facebook Post

Anna Oliveri Smith

Super inspiring educational conference for women and men!!!

– Facebook Post

Gladys Sznajderman

Yesterday I spent the day with some phenomenal women. Words can’t even explain how amazing it was. All I know is I’m ALL in. Love you Dr Elizabeth King.

– Facebook Post



Nicoleen Cross Dillard

Thank you for a wonderful fulfilling day!

– Facebook Post

Carrie Childs

Wowie, what an entertaining and educational event! I am so sorry I put it off 2-years in a row. I walked away with the realization that I must make “living in the moment” more of a reality for me. Looking forward to your 5th Annual Event!

– Facebook Post

Wendy Cottiers

It was great! Thanks again for the honor. I’m humbled, grateful and ALL IN!

– Facebook Post

Karina Iglesias

You touched all of us to the very core of our being…I am forever grateful!

– Facebook Post

Roberta Ruggiero

It was truly a Magical day at this event. Powerful, influential, uplifting speakers and an Amazing Sisterhood of SASSY women. Educational, Informative and Fun all in one amazing package. Go SASSY Ladies!!!
Congratulations to Dr. King and her Amazing team of ladies who put this event together!!!

– Facebook Post

Dulce B. Ortiz

What an uplifting conference, one every woman should attend

Lori Hoyt

Dr. King, kudos to you!  Thank you for producing one of the most interesting conferences I have ever attended.  The topics were interesting, varied and very educational.  I absolutely loved it!

Helene Levitz

My vision of my voice on the inside IS more powerful than the voice on the outside! I was delighted to realize this.

Laura Berger

Speaking to Big Mamma and having her pray for my daughter , Michele.

Sue Galizia

An aha moment – It was wonderful talking with a young lady (sorry I do forget her first name). She was thrilled to be amongst so many confident and interesting women. She is making a shift in her life and felt she is “boosted” by the conference and Dr. King’s story. I didn’t see her at the end of the day to check in with her “next steps” though we discussed that she would consider her priorities, her resources and making a preliminary action plan.

Peggy Thurston

I had several “aha” moments. One was when I heard Dr. King speaking about a passage of her journal when she was a little girl, and to see her standing up in front of us with her ample and genuine smile saying… no matter how difficult a life situation can be, there is always hope. I got from her the importance to make the necessary changes in our lives and go for our dreams… if we believe… I was very impressed with all the panels. These women covered all aspects of our life from finances, to health, to social media, sex education, real life situations. Very informative, very real. Thank you!

Monica Mayer

The “aha” moments were many. I was so happy to be amongst women with a common goal – to learn how to take our strength and inspiration from within.

Sue GailLive a Brighter Life

The conference offered lots of inspiration. For me, one of the most inspired moments was the presentation of Big Mama’s history, her life and work. What example of love and care! The little boy singing and dancing to honor her was definitely a sweet closing to that remarkable moment.

Solange Boice, CKDDesign is Everywhere

I loved being an Exhibitor at the Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick Conference. As an exhibitor, I felt like we were adding to the attendees experience and it resulted in wonderful business opportunities for me. Not only did I meet great women, this event helped to grow my business!

Samra VogelMary Kay

Suits, Stilettos, and Lipstick. If you have the suits, the stilettos, and the lipstick and you would like to spend the day with other women who are rocking it, you need to go to the SSL conference! It’s a sisterhood of gorgeous, intelligent women who have something important to share. And share they do! These women are telling all…how they achieved their success, how they overcame their fears and how they learned to believe in themselves. They are inspiring and they are on a serious mission to get every woman in the room to feel as good as they do. It is absolutely the most energizing and uplifting conference I have attended. If you don’t jump up out of your seat and start dancing at the end of it, you obviously spent too much time at the silent auction!!!!

Claudia MarcusProductive Sleep

What a fabulous, professional, and inspiring conference! A true life changing experience!!! Thank you, Dr. Elizabeth King, for your insight, vision, passion, and energy. But more important, for giving women a place to feel empowered, and the tools to grow at all levels. Wow! …And to think, this was only my first year.

Grace BoscoSadhana Spa

I had such a wonderful time. Great speakers and I loved having the male panel this year! The venue was fabulous too! Dr. King, you are a true inspiration and I admire you and your team so much!! Thanks for all you do.

Patty ScinicarielloJohn the Baker Restaurant Owner

The conference was not only educational, but also full of life and fun!

Piera BarahonaPenn House Productions

I think it’s an important and essential conference. All of you have provided me with gems.

Nadia FolicCruise Consultant Expedia

Thank You Dr. Elizabeth King for coming into my life to support my mission to uplift and unite Women!  We’re not in competition with others. We’re really not. There’s a purpose and a plan for each of us. Remember, God Sisters share.  Sending love and hugs of appreciation.

Cynthia Segal

It was a blast and so inspiring to hear all of the keynote speeches. The men’s panel was FANTASTIC!  I am so in awe of what you have accomplished, Dr. King. So many fabulous and successful women truly look up to you, and I’m proud to have been involved with SSL.

Monika AmarDirector of Social Media, TransMedia Group

I thought the conference was fabulous! It was a huge improvement off of the previous year, which was an impressive feat because that was pretty awesome too! I was having a rough week that week but by the end of that day I felt inspired and refocused on the big picture. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for next year!  Thanks!

Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMABette Hochberger, Inc.

I wanted to take the time to let you know how beneficial your Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick event was for me. I found it quite refreshing to be invited to an event that was not riddled with propaganda and addressed real issues involving real emotions that affect our real lives in work and at home. I was moved, I laughed, I cried and I left fulfilled. The group of men and women involved were stellar, nothing felt forced and it was simply a classy affair that I look forward to attending again year after year, so way to go and congratulations to you for such a successful event. You are an amazing woman.

Kimber MccaffertyMccafferty Communications, Inc

What a fabulous event!!!  I can’t thank you enough for inviting me, it truly inspired me.  As I told you I originally was only going to be able to stay the morning, but went back to the hotel at lunch time to rearrange my schedule so I could return.

Heidi DennisGeneral Manager The Atlantic Hotel & Spa