The John and Elizabeth’s Toy Drive began in the home of our founder, Dr. Elizabeth King and her late husband, John Weaver over 20 years ago. We are proud to say that since it’s inception we have collected and distributed over 65,000 toys to underprivileged children.  Although John lost his battle against cancer in 2018, Dr. King is committed to continuing his legacy.  Read more

The Why:

Many impoverished children don’t have access to age-appropriate toys in their home which can stunt their personal and academic growth. When you donate a toy, you are not just giving a child a chance to play.  You are giving the child the opportunity to develop emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.  Children develop necessary motor skills, the ability to learn language and build social skills as well as help them prepare for their academic career.  You are not only providing a child with the joy of play but also supporting their emotional development.  Children learn about their impact on the world through play as well as how to work collaboratively with others.  They learn to share and communicate with others.