You can make a difference during the  COVID-19 Crisis for at-risk kids!

As Suits Stilettos and Lipstick (SSL) Foundation mobilizes to support the children that we serve during this time of COVID-19 social distancing, we reflect on our own childhoods: jumping rope, Mr. Potato Head, slinky, board games, playing out made-up scenarios. Our imaginations were bursting.   

So far because of the generosity of many, we have been able to provide over 1500 at-risk children with coloring books, art supplies, board games and many more fun activities that they will continue to enjoy during these challenging times. 

To show their appreciation, the kids created a special video just for you. We hope their smiles of gratitude bring you joy in knowing that YOU made a big difference and that every little bit counts.

Unfortunately there are still many more children in Broward County who need this very experience. Our current crisis is revealing that some of these children do not have devices or internet access and are restricted from going to locations that typically offer them access to these electronic resources.   

Our children need your help to free their imaginations, experience that wonderful open-ended play that we all knew as kids. They need simple playthings to enlighten them and set their imaginations on fire: board games, legos, coloring books, puzzles, art supplies, paint sets, model planes & cars, comic books.   Left to their circumstances, they are destined for boredom and troubles larger than their young minds can understand.  You can help their minds find joy and creativity in simple play and arts and crafts.

We are asking for donations in order to purchase these items and provide them through the Boys and Girls Club.   A safe distribution process will be enacted to limit contact,

Please give generously and make a difference in our children’s lives.

Let’s keep our kids safe, off the streets and engaged in positive activities!

To donate and help us support the children, please click here