Our Vision

A world where all women and children will have the opportunity to thrive.

Our Mission

We are a movement to empower women and children from all walks of life to be resilient, self-confident and purposeful leaders, through education, mentorship and community outreach.

Our Focus

We focus on women and children. We recognize that women are the entry point into the family and children are the catalyst for positive change for generations to come.

Our Core Values

Smart.   We are talented, resourceful and inclusive. Our true genius is in knowing that our strength lies in our ability to support and inspire each other. We connect on a deeper level with both women and men from all walks of life because we recognize that creating healthy relationships is the key to success in every aspect of our lives. We are emphatically committed to our own personal and professional growth because we understand that knowledge is power. We believe in taking good care of our emotional, spiritual, physical and financial wellbeing. We gracefully accept our own and others’ humanism by forgiving. We embrace with gratitude life’s lessons and cherish the wisdom learned through our own journey.


Assertive.  We are game-changers. We are determined, powerful and fearless. We have a voice. We say what we think and demand what we deserve. The heart of our message is that we will not allow life’s challenges to stop us. In fact, we use those challenges to make us more resilient. We drive change for ourselves and other women in our homes, workplace, communities and around the globe.


Strategic.  We are results-driven. Our blueprint for success is leading and living with accountability, respect, integrity and authenticity. We set measurable goals and we strive to accomplish them. We follow a systematic process to achieve greatness in our health, career, happiness and purpose.


Selfless. Paying it forward is how we roll. We are passionate about making a difference. We equate philanthropy with happiness and living in purpose. We are individually and collectively committed to mentoring, volunteering and giving. We know that we are responsible for being the catalyst for positive change for mankind.


Young-at-heart. We want it all.  We work and PLAY hard! We embrace our age every step of the way without apologies. We value and nurture our spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. We are spirited, fun­-loving and SASSY women! But don’t let our fun-­loving persona fool you; we are serious about our careers, our families, our causes, and yes, we are also serious about our stilettos and our lipstick!

WE BELIEVE that ….

  • Women have the power to change the world 
  • Women are SASSY (Smart, Assertive, Strategic, Selfless, Young-at-Heart)
  • Empowered women empower other women 
  • Women are game-changers
  • Women are leaders
  • Women have a voice
  • Children are the catalyst for positive change for future generations
  • Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders
  • All children should be given an opportunity to thrive
  • Women and Children are resilient 
  •  Education is crucial for the empowerment of women and Children
  • Leaders are created
  • Together we can make a difference