About Shirley

Shirley Toliver MSHRM, CSSYB is a Human Resources Professional currently working within a Global Logistics and Transportation company. She has nearly 15 years practicing in Human Resource Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Employee Passion and Employee & Labor Relations.

Shirley is actively involved in several community organizations or programs working within her passion to give it away by empowering women, young leaders and those that need a “hand up”. A couple of notable and organizations Shirley is actively engaged in is NAAAHR South Florida, Mission United and Dooling Enterprises.

Shirley serves as the current president of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources South Florida Chapter; whereas she co-manages a Leadership Development program for young professionals. This program is an exceptional accomplishment for Shirley as she and co-founder penned the syllabus for such a program nearly four years ago whereas the first class of Career Essentials leaders will be graduating March 2015.

Shirley serves in a leadership role on the Employment Committee of Mission United; a program offered to Veterans through United Way of Broward County. She leads the events team responsible for executing seamless Career Boot Camps offering employment strategies for Veterans and providing networking opportunities for Veterans to connect with employers in the Broward County Area.

Shirley and her husband are also partners in Dooling Enterprises offering Life Coaching for athletes and youth at risk, managing its philanthropic arm The Respect Foundation and recently embarked on opening “Refresh Live” a restaurant offering healthy delicious options in an urban area whereas healthy options are not always readily accessible.

“Leading is synonymous with Giving; you can’t do one without the other”