About Tamara

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Tamara Chase, CEO of Chase Roofing, started in the roofing business with no roofing or formal business experience.  She started out in survival mode and is successful by sheer stubbornness mixed with a vision like no other!  She exploded Chase Roofing bringing revenue growth of 550% increasing revenues from 1.5 million to over 8 million in just 8 years. She broke the male dominated roofing standard with her feminine leadership style and has led her team through many unexpected circumstances including natural disasters and even her husband’s cancer. Married to her high-school sweetheart and still in love (even after being in business for 18 years together), Tamara now talks to married-business owners about the real life issues they face running a business at the same time as being married. Chase Roofing is not her only passion. Tamara owns a window cleaning and holiday lighting franchise called Shine and an online jewelry company called Charmed XO.  Tamara is also the founder of Emerge!,  a nonprofit organization designed to support young ladies in making a positive global impact, encouraging them to dream big and show them how to make their wildest ambitions a reality!  Everyone that has worked with Tamara knows her vision,  “Be the CEO your parents always told you to marry”.