About Suzanne

Suzanne Sharp is CEO/Founder of international leadership coaching and consulting business, SharpMinds LLC. In 2018, she sold her house, quit her high profile job, packed up her truck and brought her Mid-West friendliness and eagerness in helping others achieve their goals to Florida.

While she may have grown up in a smaller town, Suzanne is known as a vibrant, authentic leader providing branding, marketing, and communication strategies for small to global, Fortune 500 firms. After a successful global, corporate career, she started her own consulting business from what has been a lifelong mission to contribute to individuals transforming the quality of their lives and accelerating their life purpose. She is committed to developing leaders of excellence and integrity by providing resources and training in personal and organizational growth for the well-being of themselves and others.

Beginners and achievers in their respective fields call on Suzanne as a strategic adviser when they face decisions requiring creative options and innovative growth strategies to transform themselves or teams. Her results driven, high-energy leadership style promotes a positive shift in the way her clients lead and how their teams think, act, and produce results.

For over 25 years, Suzanne has crafted compelling, memorable events, communications and speaking engagements leaving people feeling valued, enlightened and energized. It was no surprise when she joined Toastmasters and after hearing her first two speeches, chapter officers said “Why are you here? You’re a natural at public speaking.” Since she has worked with all levels of organizations from executives to the shop floor in nine industries, she easily builds relationships with individuals across the globe.

Suzanne is naturally drawn to diversity and consistently looks for ways to be inclusive of all cultures and styles both in business and personally. Respectfully, she is well known for her ability to develop cross-functional, cross-cultural global teams where people truly feel valued and part of a team, as well as, have a history of successfully delivering high impact solutions resulting in up to million dollar cost savings and revenue growth.

Over time, she’s intentionally cultivated the adventurous, spontaneous side of her personality through independent travel. She learned to continuously acknowledge fears, move past them, practice self-love and take leaps of faith launching new levels of her own personal growth. Her courageous actions have both triumphs and challenging lessons as part of the journey and leave her living in the moment, being fully present and immersing her in living life authentically hers on a daily basis. So grab a pop (yes, she calls it that; not soda), take a seat next to her, and get ready for stories from the journey that are not only are entertaining but will leave you inspired and unlocking your own sense of creativity.