About Mercedes

Showroom Representative for Jeffrey Michaels in D.C.O.T.A

Mercedes has been working with the Jeffrey Michaels showroom in D.C.O.T.A for 11 years.  She is a textiles and wallcovering representative  handling mostly international accounts.  She is considered to be their Renaissance woman(!) who after working at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital as an administrator on duty, decided to attend the Peter Kump’s Cooking School in New York City in 1991. Mercedes was trained in the French cooking technique, and while operating her own restaurant and catering business in New York, she developed a knack for design on a shoestring budget. Her restaurant customers from Ethan Allen told her to join them if she ever gave up the food business and so she did!  Mercedes worked her way up at Ethan Allan to store manager in New York and later did the same when she moved to Florida.  Mercedes enjoys doing volunteer work of any capacity as long as it benefits people in need.   In the past, she has been the Community Liaison for Big Mama’s Team of Life, Inc.,  assisting in events to benefit children and economically challenged families by obtaining donations, coordinating drives involving some of the local sports teams.  She has also volunteered with 4Kids of South Florida at His Caring Place, a home for young pregnant girls.  Mercedes has a passion and burden for oppressed women and children throughout the world.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, family and friends, walks along the beach, travelling, theatre, gardening, listening to music, meditating, reading, and laughing a lot!