Silva HarapetianSilva Harapetian

Silva Harapetian is an award-winning journalist, a television personality, an author and a successful entrepreneur.

She spent the first 15-years of her career as a writer, producer and a broadcast, print and multi-media journalist.

In addition to her journalism she has a passion for producing, publicity and entrepreneurship. She has launched two successful online businesses that have attracted national and international attention: HighwaytoaHusband.com, AskCharlesJohnson.com and is currently working to launch AskDearLife.com.

As a television personality she has appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” with Kathie Lee & Hoda and been a regular contributor to nationally syndicated talk show, “The Nate Berkus Show.” She has been featured as a relationship expert on television, radio, print and online news programs across the country. Silva also specializes in how to reinvent oneself and has been called upon as an expert and speaker by private and public organizations.

Just this year, Silva has added the title of author to her list of accomplishments. “I didn’t realize all my years of training as a journalist were preparing me to become an author.”

She is currently a freelance journalist at CBS Miami. In her career she has been in the front lines covering stories that grabbed national headlines in Miami, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma and California. She has always been passionate about telling stories.   Perhaps it is her own life story that drives her to give people a voice.

Silva is of Christian Armenian decent and was born in Iran where she witnessed the Iranian Revolution and lived through the devastating Iran-Iraq war. When she was 12-years-old her family fled Iran taking only what they could carry. Having escaped terrifying political and religious persecution, Silva and her family landed in Germany where they lived another two years awaiting news of passage to the United States. At 14-years-old, Silva and her family finally arrived in Los Angeles.

“I feel very blessed to be living in this country. I have been blessed in America with a great education and career, something as a woman in Iran, I would never have been able to pursue!”

Less than 5 years after Silva arrived in the U.S., she graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in Mass Communications. She has accomplished what many said was the impossible: building a successful career as a television reporter working in some of the country’s largest news markets. The journey hasn’t been easy. After graduating from USC — she spent 15-years convincing broadcast bosses that her foreign look should be considered an asset and her accent was a niche in the broadcast world. She spent thousands of hours refining her speech and delivery. After spending 7-years as a writer and a producer for radio, Silva got her big break in front of the camera in Oklahoma. Within a few years she was recruited to work in Detroit and later in Miami.

Silva feels blessed and spends a lot of time training, speaking and giving back to the community.


MaruMaru Gonzalez

A performer and visionary, Maru’s experiences and world perspective communicate a message of love, consciousness and hope. She’s an old soul with a passion for holistic living and healing, promoting health and creativity. She’s a creative spirit who strives to inspire others via poetry. An avid supporter of the arts and wellness in her community, Maru hosts events in hopes of providing a platform for artistic expression, she participates in various health and wellness seminars, and puts in time and effort for community service related deeds including having paid tribute to South Florida’s own, Big Mama of Team of Life among other things. One will experience Maru’s essence every time she shares her prose with raw vulnerability, leaving audiences mesmerized, contemplative and deeply moved.





William Penn HouseWilliam Penn House of Penn House Productions

William Penn House, Jr. William Penn House, Jr. is an Entertainment Specialist and also the president of Penn House Productions LLC. He has over forty years of experience, entertaining and producing star quality events both nationally and internationally. William is a born entrepreneur, having managed bands, models, dancers, producing shows and events and owning retail businesses. Growing up in the Motown era, House has performed with and opened for all time greats like The Commodores, Temptations, Four Tops, Tavares, The Tramps, Temprees, Platters, Drifters and many others. House entertains with smooth soulful vocals, positive lyrics, and sensational steps and is masterful at motivating crowd participation/interaction. Penn House Productions was created to provide the best of interactive multicultural entertainment and edutainment, (education via entertainment) with a flair for professionalism.

Penn House Productions utilizes House’s talents and expertise to assemble a cast of entertainers that skillfully fulfill whatever entertainment request you may have. Penn House Productions can provide Bands, DJ s, thematic or cultural Dancers, Karaoke, Video, Photography, Sound and Lighting, and an array of other entertainment services.


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