Want to reignite a spark? Here’s the fuel to spark the passion in your relationship!

By Yvonne Haase, LMHC

Too often couples come into counseling with the complaint that the passion that once ignited their relationship has fizzled out. Even the most romantic of couples every now and then hit dead ends with regards to the passion and spark in their relationship. The truth is, if you want to have a relationship where you are falling in love again and again with your partner, you’re going to have to do the work.

Spring is in the Air! Recommit to your New Year’s Goals

By Dr. Elizabeth King, LCSW, CHt

Coming into the New year, we are hopeful and willing to make positive change in our lives. The hard part is committing longer than just the winter months and sticking to the path of your journey. Your goals may not be achieved overnight and sometimes as the year progresses, we can get caught up in different obligations. One of the most important parts of staying dedicated to your New Year’s resolution, is prioritizing it.